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Chapter 1 - Introduction to Matter

I Scream for Ice Cream Scientific Method
Pages 148-149

Qualitative vs. quantitative
Not in textbook

Description of a burning candle
Not in textbook

The fog chamber
Not in textbook

Science careers research project
Not in textbook

Science careers concept map
Not in textbook

Conversion challenge WS
Not in textbook

Simulation Preview WS

Calculating matter lab
Pages 5-9

Mass and Volume WS
Pages 5-9

How much do I weigh
Page 9

Density lab
Pages 13-14

Density WS
Pages 13-14

Liquid density stacks lab
Page 14

A Matter of Density
Pages 13-14

Tuzz and brig ws
Pages 15-19

A chemistry picnic lab
Pages 15-19

Search for Matter
Pages 4-19

Acids and bases lab
Not in textbook

Antacid lab
Not in textbook

Chapter Review
Pages 4-19

Chapter 2 - Introduction to Matter

Can crusher lab
Pages 33-36

Gas Laws WS
Pages 33-36

Know your states crossword
Pages 30-36

Make a state-ment WS
Pages 30-36

Surface tension lab
Page 33

Change of State NOTES
Pages 38-43

Chapter 2 Review
Pages 30-43

Chapter 3 - Introduction to Matter

Periodic Table with metals, nonmetals, and metalloids
Pages 54-57

Periodic Table with atomic numbers and weights
Pages 54-57

Molecule drawings WS
Pages 58-61

Mixture separation WS
Pages 62-63

Sugar cube race lab
Pages 64-67

Types of mixtures lab and NOTES
Pages 62-69

Its all mixed up WS
Pages 54-69

An ELEMENTary puzzle WS
Pages 54-69

Making butter lab
Page 69

Separation anxiety lab
Pages 62-63

A coincidence poster project
Pages 54-69

Chapter 3 review
Pages 54-69

Chapter 4 - Introduction to Matter

Atomic theory quest
Pages 80-86

Atomic Number and Mass WS
Pages 88-94

Periodic table chart and requirements
Pages 80-119

Bonding WS
Not in textbook

Atom Profiles Project
Pages 80-119

3D Atom model project
Pages 80-119

Bringing it to the periodic table WS
Pages 80-119

The incredible shrinking scientist WS
Pages 80-119

Chapter 4 review
Pages 80-93

Chapter 1 - Forces, Motion, and Energy

Mapping speed lab
Pages 4-5

Velocity and Acceleration WS
Pages 6-10

Acceleration and Pairs of Forces WS
Pages 8-14

Detecting acceleration lab
Pages 8-10

A world without friction
Pages 15-20

Roller coaster project
Pages 4-25

Garbage truck project
Pages 4-25

Denmark 500 Race
Pages 4-5

Chapter 1 review
Pages 4-25

Chapter 2 - Forces, Motion, and Energy

Falling Water Demo and Penny Projectiles

Falling fast WS
Pages 36-51

Forces in motion - Projectile motion
Pages 41-42

The moon olympics WS
Pages 36-42

Marshmallow catapult lab
Pages 41-42

Newtons 1st law of motion lab
Pages 43-45

Newtons laws WS
Pages 43-51

Newtons cannon lab
Pages 48-49

Forces to reckon with WS
Pages 36-51

A matter of real gravity WS
Pages 36-40

Chapter 2 review
Pages 36-51

Chapter 3 - Forces, Motion, and Energy

Fluids, forces, and floating lab
Pages 62-72

Bernoulli principle lab
Pages 73-77

Build a better submarine WS
Pages 72-77

Dimple inventions project
Pages 58 & 73-77

The pressure is on WS
Pages 62-67

Density diver lab
Pages 62-72

Chapter 3 review WS
Pages 62-77

Chapter 4-6 - Forces, Motion, and Energy

Work and power WS
Pages 88-91

A powerful workout lab
Pages 88-91

Is it a machine lab
Pages 88-95

Calculating work lab
Pages 88-91

Mechanical advantage, work, and power WS
Pages 88-97

Screws lab
Pages 101-102

Lever lab
Pages 98-99

Lever classes WS
Pages 98-99

Pulley lab
Pages 103-104

Pulleys WS
Pages 103-104

Wheel and axle lab
Pages 102-103

Chapter 4 review WS
Pages 88-105

Rube Goldeberg computer project
Pages 88-105

Rube Goldberg poster project
Pages 88-105

Knowing nutrition WS
Page 162

Temperature scales WS
Pages 150-153

Energy NOTES
Pages 116-139

Energy webquest project
Not in textbook

Armchair enviro challenge WS
Pages 116-139

A Matter of Degrees

Waves and Sound

Parts of waves and sound WS

Characteristics of waves NOTES

Waves CD WS

Pitch and Sound Quality lab

Noise police WS

Making waves lab

3D Wave project

Chapter Review WS on Sound and Waves

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Spectrum research

Electromagnetic spectrum chart requirements

Electromagnetic spectrum chart

Electromagnetic Spectrum WS 47-48

Breaking down light and color lab

Which color is the hottest lab

A mirror image lab

Lenses Lab

Vision and Lenses NOTES

The camera and your eye WS

Now you see it now you dont WS

Light and the ES review WS

A yucky activity WS

Mystery of the heisted O'henry bars

Create Your Own Webquest

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