Students of Month

Another month celebrating our wonderful students! Keep up the great work everyone.

Theme is Gratitude

6th Grade
Sawyer Wery is the son of Tammy and Duane Wery. Sawyer represents the quality of gratitude by appreciating his teachers’ efforts with a thank you. He is respectful of others' feelings. In his free time he likes to ride his dirt bike and four-wheeler, and loves mint chocolate chip ice cream. Sawyer plays trumpet in the school band and is a member of Sting Cancer.

Addie Jaeger is the daughter of Jeana and Jesse Jaeger. She has a brother and two cats. Addie represents the quality of gratitude by being willing to help anytime it is needed. She regularly thanks people for what they have done for her. In her free time she enjoys art, cooking, playing outside and hanging out with her friends. Addie participates in the school band and chorus.

7th Grade
Sydney Pieschek is the daughter of Jean and Randy Pieschek. Sydney is gracious in her approach to asking for help and being thankful when she receives it. She does not hesitate to verbalize this appreciation. Sydney is involved in basketball, volleyball, FFA, Track and Field and also plays the flute in the band. She loves to spend her time playing with her dogs Bailey, Luna, and Roxy. Sydney enjoys camping with her family and riding the snowmobile on the land near her house.

Nathan Craanen is the son of Sheena and Ricky Craanen. Nathan shows gratitude regularly to his teachers and peers. He is polite in asking questions and appreciative of help and feedback. He is a member of the FFA, football, and has been on the Honor Roll. In his free time, Nathan likes to spend time outside, especially working with his dad on the farm. He enjoys hunting and camping with his cousins.

8th Grade
Shaelyn Kraschnewski is the daughter of Luke and Rebecca Kraschnewki. Shaelyn demonstrates gratitude on a daily basis by being courteous to her teachers and classmates. She notices and appreciates the things that others take for granted. Shaelyn is a member of the FFA and National Junior Honor Society. She also participates in volleyball, basketball, softball, and track & field. Shaelyn plays percussion in the band.

Alex VandenBush is the son of Eric and Jessica VandenBush. Alex shows gratitude towards his teachers by always approaching them politely and respectfully when asking questions. He comes to class with a positive attitude and is always thankful for opportunities that allow him to make the best of his learning opportunities. Alex is involved in football and band.

Emma Kaminski is the daughter of Paula and Ken Kaminski. Emma shows gratitude towards her teachers by always offering to help her teachers and being respectful towards all. She is committed to her learning in our Encore classes. You can see her appreciation in how hard she works in our classes. Emma is involved in other activities such as the National Junior Honor Society, volleyball, FFA, student council, choir, and art club.

Ezra Lyons (not pictured) is the son of Peter and Jill Lyons. Ezra is kind, respectful, and always brings positive vibes to his class. He appreciates learning and all of the avenues that bring him there. Ezra is a pleasure to have in class and always works hard in his Encore classes. Ezra enjoys band, chorus, and track & field. In addition to our Encore classes, he is also involved with the robotics club and musical.