Students of Month

October Respect Month

6th Grade

Claire Bruegge is the daughter of Brian and Megan Bruegge. Claire represents the characteristics of respect by listening to classmates and teachers, and she participates in class by sharing ideas at appropriate times. Claire is conscientious and thoughtful of everyone’s feelings. She enjoys reading while outside, cooking, baking, and playing the piano when not in class.  Claire also plays clarinet in the school band.

Bennett Kaminski is the son of Ken and Paula Kaminski. Bennett is a great role model by showing respect to teachers and classmates by taking care of himself with a positive attitude.  In addition, Bennett addresses and interacts with teachers and students in a very respectful manner.  He enjoys going up north to play and ride his bike. Lastly, Bennett plays the trombone in the school band.  Keep up the good work Bennett!

7th Grade

Nora Gehrke is the daughter of Amanda and Craig Gehrke.  Nora is kind and respectful to both adults and her peers.  She works hard to succeed, offers ideas and help, and graciously accepts feedback.  She is a member of the DMS band as a trumpet player and participates in FFA activities.  Outside of school Nora loves being outside and doing activities together with her family.

Jaxsen Pinchart is the son of Tim Pinchart and Sam Meyer.  Jaxsen is very respectful to his teachers while asking questions and participating in class.  He wants to do well throughout the day and puts his mind to it regularly.  Jaxsen is involved in many sports including football, basketball, and baseball.  He likes to hunt, fish, and hike with his family.

8th Grade

Sophia Remiker is the daughter of Robert and Brenda Remiker.  Sophia has been a great example of displaying respect to others since the beginning of the school year.  Each day she knows what is expected of her and always tries her best.  Unfortunately, Sophia suffered an injury this year and is currently unable to participate in gym class.  Instead of going to gym, Sophia has joined a guided study class where she has been a huge help, helping 6th graders with their work.  Her teacher is very grateful for the help and respect that Sophia has shown the underclassmen.  Sophia participates in softball, volleyball, basketball, and track & field. She plays saxophone in the 8th-grade band.

Christian Carrion is the son of Xiomara and Luis Carrion.  Christian has demonstrated respect from the moment he joined the Denmark School District. Christian has been presented with challenges this school year, but has remained positive, kind, and helpful. He is respectful to all students and staff. Christian participated in 8th-grade football this fall and will be on the 8th-grade boys basketball team this winter. 


Dylan Lamal is the son of Shawn and Rebecca Lamal.  He is incredibly respectful in his Encore classes to both his peers and his teachers.  As an 8th grader, Dylan has become a fantastic leader in Tech Ed.  When he isn’t working on his own projects he often helps other students in class.  He is very approachable and appreciative to learn new things and, with his kind demeanor, is often coaching others in what he has learned.  In his spare time, Dylan enjoys hunting, fishing, soccer, and playing football.

Autumn Yang is the daughter of Kaite and Bruce Yang. She is highly respectful in her year-long art class as well as her art assistant class. As an 8th grader, Autumn has become a leader not only in her art assistant role but also in her role as a student in year-long art. She is polite, kind, on task, and trustworthy. Autumn is a person other students want to be around and consistently asks how she can help in the classroom. Autumn likes to read and draw in her spare time.